Orthopedics 2.0-How Regenerative Medicine and Interventional Orthopedics will Change Orthopedics Forever 2nd Edition

This book shows our clinic’s comprehensive approach to patients beyond the tools in the toolbox (stem cells, PRP, other platelet mixes, prolo, interventional pain procedures).  If you’re are an existing patient or thinking of visiting us at our Regenexx clinic in Colorado, please take time to read this short book.  We want to be your partner in figuring out the best way to solve your joint or spine problems, and the best way to do that is an educated patient!

This is the second version of Orthopedics 2.0 with about double the content and graphics of the 1st edition. Even if you’ve read the first book, you’ll want to see what’s new!
 Click here to download a copy of Orthopedics 2.0-2nd Edition.