Ankle, Foot and Toe Procedure Outcomes

Blogging from the Caymans Again!

ankle stem cell

A few times a year I head down to RegenexxCayman, an independently owned and operated clinic and lab that has licensed our advanced cultured stem cell procedure (which is not approved for use in the U.S.). This is to treat patients who we believe […]

Ankle Stem cell Injections: How Do Same Day vs. Cultured Stack Up?

ankle stem cell injections

Yesterday I compared how same day stem cells used for hand arthritis compared to cultured cells as a hand arthritis surgery alternative – the differences seemed stark for patients with severe thumb arthritis. How […]

Ankle Stem Cells: 2013 Regenexx Treatment Registry Data

ankle stem cells

Here is the 2013 download for results obtained via stem cell injection into ankle patients (with a few small foot joint patients included). Most of these patients had either moderate or severe main ankle joint arthritis, with many also having either lax ligaments […]

Why Deal with Big Toe Surgery Recovery? Almost 3 Years Out from a Simple Stem Cell Injection and Still Trucking!

big toe surgery recovery

Can a simple injection of stem cells into an arthritic big toe make a difference? Big toe surgery recovery can be rough. When the big toe gets arthritis, it can cause the toe to become stiff and painful. Since we […]

Standard Platelet Rich Plasma versus Regenexx-SCP

better platelet rich plasma

Standard Platelet Rich Plasma versus Regenexx-SCP:  Can we design a better platelet rich plasma? Yesterday I received this e-mail authored by a patient of Dr. Malanga’s of NJ Sports Medicine:

“My right ankle healed quickly. A week […]

Knee Stem Cells and Skiing and Hiking the Highland Bowl in Aspen

knee stem cells skiing

Knee Stem Cells and Skiing and Hiking make a good combination.  We treat many patients who want to be as active as possible as they age without having to get their joints replaced or major surgery.

DW is a 59 year old patient […]

18 Months Out from Seeking an Ankle Fusion Alternative

ankle fusion alternative

Is there an ankle fusion alternative? CB was a 39 year old woman when she was first seen in July of 2011 seeking an ankle fusion. In 2008 she was in a severe car crash where she sustained a compound fracture […]

Can Stem Cells help a Patient with Severe Ankle Arthritis and Chronic Ligament/Tendon Injuries?

ankle arthritis stem cells

Can stem cells help a patient with not only ankle arthritis, but also multiple bad ligaments and tendons?

KS was a 47 year old woman with very severe ankle arthritis when she was first seen by our clinic in November of […]

Achilles Tendon PRP Injection: Open Surgery or an Injection?

achilles tendon prp injection

Can an Achilles tendon PRP injection trump surgery? SD is a 55 year old woman who found herself in the worst possible place with an Achilles tendon tear. Unlike most torn Achilles tendons that snap and […]

Can Stem Cells help a College Track Athlete with Ankle Arthritis return to Competition?

ankle stem cells

KW is a 21 year old college level elite track athlete who sought our help in May of 2011 and had very positive results in our care.  As doctors we can only continue to finetune our procedures through research and hope for […]