Knee Procedure Outcomes

Blogging from the Caymans Again!

ankle stem cell

A few times a year I head down to RegenexxCayman, an independently owned and operated clinic and lab that has licensed our advanced cultured stem cell procedure (which is not approved for use in the U.S.). This is to treat patients who we believe […]

Ohio Stem Cell Knee Arthritis Treatment for Michigan Doctor

Ohio stem cell knee arthritis treatment

Can we take a procedure that was invented in Colorado and have it work on a patient who is a Michigan physician, performed by a doctor in Ohio? One of the hallmarks of a good medical procedure is that it can be taught […]

How Many Stem Cell Patients Convert to Knee Replacement?

stem cell patients convert to knee replacement

Most of the patients we see who want stem cell injections have been told that they need or will soon require a knee replacement. As a result, we’ve tracked knee replacement rates, after a precise injection of stem cells […]

Does a Second Stem Cell Injection for Knee Arthritis Help?

Thinking About a Second Stem Cell Injection? Watch This…

I often get asked if a second stem cell injection for knee arthritis will add anything to the results of the first procedure. If we were like every other little clinic popping up, using a simple, automated bedside centrifuge that poorly […]

Using Big Data for Knee Stem Cell Research

knee stem cell research

“Big Data” has been all the rage in medicine in this past few years. The idea has both been embraced by and shaken up academic circles. We’ve been a big fan of big data and frequently […]

New 4 Year Knee Arthritis Stem Cell Treatment Research

knee arthritis stem cell treatment research

What’s the latest in knee arthritis stem cell treatment research? Awhile back I published the pain/functional data for 2014. As you know, we publish data from our registry about once a year. Rather than sending […]

2014 Stem Cell Registry Data-Knee Arthritis

knee arthritis stem cell results data

Every year we publish updates to our registry data on-line. This fall we’ll be continuing that trend, adding data from almost another 1,000 patients to the mix. This morning I’d like to go over the pain and functional data […]

ACL Tear Treatment: Helping a College Football Player Avoid Surgery

acl tear treatment

Brendan Tow is a college football player that I’ve known since he was a kid. He was excited to get a college football scholarship several years ago, but that elation was soon cut short by his first and then second ACL injuries. We’ve […]

An open letter to Dr. Oz on Stem Cells for Knee ACL Injuries…

Dr Oz on knee acl stem cell treatments

Dr. Oz on Knee ACL Stem Cell Treatments…

We like Dr. Oz. He’s a master at educating patients, which strikes near and dear to my heart as someone who also believes that educating patients is the key to helping them […]

We Publish the World’s Largest Paper on Knee Arthritis and Stem Cells

knee arthritis stem cell clinical data

Knee Arthritis Stem Cell Clinical Data Paper…What Works and What Doesn’t?

We have a great team assembled now to take the massive amounts of data being collected by our one of a kind stem cell treatment registry and morph that it […]