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What Triathlete Knee Pain? Grateful Triathlete Uses Own Stem Cells to Help Knee

triathlon knee pain

Triathlete knee pain can sideline the best of them, especially in the running or cycling portions of the event. All too often, triathletes opt for invasive surgical quick fixes that leave them with more knee arthritis in the long run. We’ve been treating […]

Patellofemoral Syndrome Surgery Recovery: Reduce Recovery Time by Using Your Own Stem Cells

I recently had a video sent to me by one of our NY/NJ area network providers, Rob Kramberg, M.D. This was sent to him by a grateful patient who was so concerned by repeat patellofemoral syndrome surgery recovery, she skipped the revision surgery and had her own stem cells […]

Can Stem Cells be a Long-term Alternative to Knee Replacement?

alternative to knee replacement

Can stem cells be a long-term alternative to knee replacement? I saw a patient in the clinic last week who I had treated two and a half years ago with a series of stem cell injections instead of a knee replacement. He’s […]

Should You Treat One or Both Arthritic Knees with Stem Cells?

knee arthritis stem cell

There’s little published data on the use of a same day stem cell treatment for knee arthritis. What is published on knee arthritis stem cell therapy is focused on small numbers of patients with outcome measures-i.e. did this small number of […]

ACL Surgery Options: A College Football Player Decides to Go Non-surgical and Uses His Own Stem Cells

acl surgery options


Are there ACL surgery options that are much less invasive? Can you ditch the ACL surgery altogether? BT is a college football player who injured his left ACL two years ago and unlike the other guys on his team, went non-surgical. They all […]

More Regenexx Reviews: One Patient’s Reminder of the Help She Got from the Regenexx-ACL Stem Cell Procedure

regenexx reviews

A reader asked for more Regenexx reviews and fewer big data downloads. While I love highlighting individual Regenexx reviews and patient outcomes, I also recognize that we’re some of the only providers who transparently […]

ACL Surgery Healing without The Surgery!

acl surgery healing

A 16 soccer phenom injures her ACL and an MRI shows that it’s shredded. If she gets her knee ACL removed and a new ACL surgically installed, the research says that she’ll likely have significant arthritis by the time she’s 30. In addition, […]

Stem Cell Injection Safety Research

stem cell injection safety research


Safety has always been a big concern of ours. As a result, we have published more data on stem cell safety in the peer reviewed medical research for orthopedic applications than any other group world-wide. For example, our n=339 stem […]

Knee ACL Surgery Alternative: Regenexx-ACL Procedure Gets Great Winter Sports Write-up

knee acl surgery alternative

We continue to be amazed as physicians by the before and after MRIs we see every day as a result of the knee ACL surgery alternative used by our practice every day: The Regenexx-ACL procedure. This exacting […]

Check Out this Torn Knee Cap Surgery Recovery without Surgery! Precise Stem Cell Injections Help Patient Avoid Surgery

knee cap tear surgery recovery

My brother tore his knee cap tendon and quadriceps playing tennis a number of years ago. His torn knee cap surgery recovery was awful-many months spent in a brace and on crutches and years to get the quadriceps muscle […]