Knee Procedure Outcomes

Can Stem Cells be a Long-term Alternative to Knee Replacement?

alternative to knee replacement

Can stem cells be a long-term alternative to knee replacement? I saw a patient in the clinic last week who I had treated two and a half years ago with a series of stem cell injections instead of a knee replacement. He’s […]

Should You Treat One or Both Arthritic Knees with Stem Cells?

knee arthritis stem cell

There’s little published data on the use of a same day stem cell treatment for knee arthritis. What is published on knee arthritis stem cell therapy is focused on small numbers of patients with outcome measures-i.e. did this small number of […]

ACL Surgery Options: A College Football Player Decides to Go Non-surgical and Uses His Own Stem Cells

acl surgery options


Are there ACL surgery options that are much less invasive? Can you ditch the ACL surgery altogether? BT is a college football player who injured his left ACL two years ago and unlike the other guys on his team, went non-surgical. They all […]

Regenexx-ACL Procedure Featured in Outside Magazine

Regenexx-ACL procedure

The Regenexx-ACL Procedure, our groundbreaking  treatment for knee ACL tears using precise injections of the patient’s own stem cells was just featured in Outside Magazine. It’s a well-balanced piece of journalism for a new technology. As you may have guessed, Orthopedic surgeons are quite […]

More Regenexx Reviews: One Patient’s Reminder of the Help She Got from the Regenexx-ACL Stem Cell Procedure

regenexx reviews

A reader asked for more Regenexx reviews and fewer big data downloads. While I love highlighting individual Regenexx reviews and patient outcomes, I also recognize that we’re some of the only providers who transparently […]

ACL Surgery Healing without The Surgery!

acl surgery healing

A 16 soccer phenom injures her ACL and an MRI shows that it’s shredded. If she gets her knee ACL removed and a new ACL surgically installed, the research says that she’ll likely have significant arthritis by the time she’s 30. In addition, […]

Stem Cell Injection Safety Research

stem cell injection safety research


Safety has always been a big concern of ours. As a result, we have published more data on stem cell safety in the peer reviewed medical research for orthopedic applications than any other group world-wide. For example, our n=339 stem […]