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Orthopedic Stem Cell Research: Is There Enough?

orthopedic stem cell research

While stem cells are clearly gaining ground in orthopedics, there are still some physicians and many scientists that argue that there just isn’t enough research yet for physicians to use this therapy in patients. Since I’ve been following the research since 2005 […]

Does a Second Stem Cell Injection for Knee Arthritis Help?

Thinking About a Second Stem Cell Injection? Watch This…

I often get asked if a second stem cell injection for knee arthritis will add anything to the results of the first procedure. If we were like every other little clinic popping up, using a simple, automated bedside centrifuge that poorly […]

Spinal Stenosis Injections: Never Trust a Back MRI!

spinal stenosis injections

Patients considering spinal stenosis injections often come into the office with back pain with thier MRI CDs, believing that this shiny data disc holds the key to their salvation. This makes sense, as many are desperate at that point, their low back having […]

Diet and Cells: Soda is Really Bad for You!

diet and cells

How does soda fit into the diet and cells equation? Soda has become an American staple, with some patients using it to replace water. Now a new study shows that it shortens the telomeres in your cells. What the heck are telomeres and […]

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Dendrion as a Canary in the Stem Cell Therapy Industry Coal Mine

cell therapy industry

The cell therapy industry has a mounting problem that everyone goes out of their way to ignore. Dendrion is a company selling a cellular product that, like a canary in the cell therapy coal mine, exemplifies this little issue. What’s the problem? Price.

Manufacturing […]

By |October 20th, 2014|Latest News|

Bartolo Colon Stem Cell Network

bartolo colon stem cells

About 2 years ago, a second national network with an orthopedic focus, StemMD burst on the stem cell scene. Calling themselves a “National Regenerative Medicine Practice” they featured Joe Purita, M.D. as their leader, highlighting the Bartolo Colon stem cell treatment. The StemMD network […]

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What a Bizarre and Jumbled Attack by Ray Dirks, Pluristem Investor!


I woke up this morning to find a rather bizarre attack ad by a stock market writer. The first reason this is bizarre is that we’re not publicly traded nor do we ever hope to be. I guess you know you’re successfully rattling the cages of […]

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Texting Thumb Treatments: A Tale of Two Hands…

texting thumb treatments

Texting thumb is a real epidemic. Using our thumbs to text or type can wear out an important thumb joint, leading to chronic pain at the base of that digit. Texting thumb treatments are regrettably pretty archaic. This is a story […]

Is Vitamin D Arthritis Pain Relief for Real? Maybe…

vitamin d arthritis pain relief

If you have arthritis, should you take or ditch Vitamin D? Is vitamin d arthritis pain relief for real, or are you wasting your money? Right now there are 241 scientific papers on the topic listed in the US National Library […]

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Knee Arthritis Diet? An Obscure Hormone may be Trashing Your Knees

knee arthritis diet

Is there a knee arthritis diet or is the issue more complex? We’d all accept at face value that a heavier person has more wear and tear on their joints. This is true, but what most people don’t realize is that a hormone […]

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