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Interesting News on Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine

Diet and Arthritis? Taking Fish Oil Counteracts the Arthritis Effects of Bad Fats

diet and arthritis

Are diet and arthritis linked? There’s an immense amount of research on fish oil as an anti-inflammatory and a substance that seems to help reduce heart disease risk. An interesting study puts a new twist on the fish oil and arthritis research. This […]

Growing Mass Produced Cell Therapy Junk: Profit over Efficacy

mass produced stem cell

Stem cells are about to become big business…the mass produced stem cell manufacturing business. The pharma based cell therapy industry that’s gearing up now for FDA approval of stem cells in a vial is quite different than the personalized medicine […]

Are Knee Arthritis and Heart Disease Associated?

knee arthritis heart disease

I blogged a few weeks back that there were associations between arthritis and many diseases like heart problems, stroke, and death. I’ve also blogged that shortly after a knee replacement there’s a dramatically increased risk of heart attack and stroke for […]

Blogging from the Caymans Again…

Regenexx Cayman


I’m down in Grand Cayman this week working with Regenexx Cayman. The Cayman site licenses the advanced Regenexx-C cultured stem cell procedure. For those interested, we are again offering our ground breaking stem cell procedure to treat disc bulges and […]

DDT Linked to Dramatically Bad Effects on Stem cells

DDT effects stem cells

Did you know that DDT effects stem cells?  We all remember the DDT images of our childhood, the bird eggs broken by the weight of the mother nesting. While DDT was banned as an insecticide in the 1970s, it regrettably is […]

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Can you Use Stem Cells in Patients with Known Cancer?

stem cell clinic cancer risk

The academic bench scientists crying wolf about stem cells have been all aflutter pitching stories to media outlets with titles like, “Stem Cells may Cause Cancer”and “Stem Cell Clinic Cancer Risk!” The rationale seems to be driven by the fact that […]

Dr. Centeno and Blecher Talk Stem Cells on the Doctors TV Show!

Dr. Centeno

Several years ago, we treated a famous actor’s shoulder rotator cuff tear with stem cells and he did well. This year he was acting with the actress that played the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Kristy Swanson) and heard how her husband […]

A Trio of New Studies Continues to Show the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

health benefits of dark chocolate

I don’t normally blog about vascular disease and diet, but I digress every once in awhile, as with a family history chock full of heart disease, these papers always catch my eye. This morning I reviewed three studies that all continue […]

Are There Glucosamine Types? Is a Tiny Chemical Difference Important?

glucosamine types

Glucosamine is a supplement commonly used to treat arthritis. However, the clinical research has been all over the map, with some studies showing nice efficacy for those with maladies such as knee arthritis, and other studies showing little benefit in real patients. There is likely […]

Checking the Facts about Fat Stem Cell Therapies: Breaking Down the Slick Marketing

facts about fat stem cell therapies

The Facts About Fat Stem Cell Therapies…

A Regenexx Network physician recently sent me marketing materials from a fat stem cell company that were being sent to him by a patient. The patient has severe hip arthritis and based on […]