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Knee Replacement Pain? A Woman with a Hole in Her Replacement Parts

knee replacement pain


Knee replacement pain could be caused by a part of your prosthesis that has broken off! This past month I evaluated a woman who had her knee replaced about 4 years ago. Things went well until she had a fall a few months […]

By |April 18th, 2014|Knee, Latest News|

Rotator Cuff Repair Healing: Can Shoulder Surgery Beat Physical Therapy?

 rotator cuff repair healing

Is surgical rotator cuff repair healing any better than physical therapy? Meaning, is a painful shoulder surgery with big downtime and recovery any better than plain old physical therapy exercises? It better be, right? If […]

Overweight Knee Pain? A New Study Suggests its All About the Leptin

overweight knee pain

Overweight knee pain? Leptin is one of those really important hormones that few people have heard much about. It’s basically the key that fits into the lock that turns off your hunger. People who are heavier can become resistant to this hunger switch mechanism, so […]

By |April 16th, 2014|Knee, Latest News|

Nonsurgical Hip AVN Treatment: A 5 Year Update

Nonsurgical Hip AVN Treatment

Is a nonsurgical hip AVN treatment possible? Back in the spring of 2009, we treated a woman who had hip AVN – a disease where the hip bone slowly dies off and the hip joint collapses, eventually becoming a square […]

What is hip impingement? Do you need surgery?

What is hip impingement? The concept sounds scary enough. A bone spur is slowly damaging the joint cartilage and thus it needs to be removed surgically. However, is this the whole story?

A recent study published last year really questioned the wisdom of this hip […]

Less Invasive Hip Replacement? Metal Toxicity and Brain Changes in Hip Resurfacing Patients

less invasive hip replacement


Less invasive hip replacement has been all the rage this past decade. Often called, “hip resurfacing”, the concept seems attractive. You take out less of the arthritic hip joint and because the hip joint device is smaller, you can use a smaller incision. […]

By |April 13th, 2014|Hip, Latest News|

Outside Knee Pain? Are Slightly Irritated Nerves in Your Back Frying Your Knee?

I was traveling late this week and had to workout in a hotel room. I’ve had outside knee pain this past few months and my outside meniscus isn’t doing well. Rather than getting it surgically whacked out, which would do me no good, I wanted to try and figure […]