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Helping to Sort Hype from Reality in Knee Stem Cell Arthritis Treatments

knee arthritis stem cell hype from reality

We’re seeing an explosion in physicians using stem cells for problems such as knee arthritis from small private clinics to university orthopedic and pain management departments. On the one hand, as the physicians with the most experience in the country […]

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Introducing the Regenexx-SD Plus Procedure…

Regenexx-SD Plus

As many of you know, we spend heavily on innovation. It’s a little humorous sometimes to see small clinics claim they’re doing innovative stem cell work (or what we’re doing) by simply taking a weekend course somewhere and using old technology. In contrast, we […]

What is Regenokine?

what is regenokine

What is regenokine? This past week I evaluated a patient from Connecticut who works in finance. He had been to Germany to get the Regenokine treatment on his low back, which didn’t work. He had educated himself quite extensively about his spine and […]

Hip AVN Surgery Alternative: Another Hip AVN Patient Treated with Stem Cells

hip avn surgery alternative

Can an injection of stem cells act as a hip AVN surgery alternative? PL is a young man in his twenties who was diagnosed with hip AVN. Like many diagnosed with this disease, he had no risk factors and it’s likely that […]

The Body and Bones Electric: The Nanomachines Inside Your Bone

how do bones work

How Do Bones Work?

Most people (and some physicians) think of their bones as inanimate cement. In fact, in composition, your bones are more like hard plastic that gives and absorbs force. In addition, your bones are quite alive and actively respond to […]

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Will the Clinical Promise of Stem Cells be Wasted by Profit Over Science?

stem cell company investor concerns

I’ve blogged before that the stem cell drug industry gearing up to supply stem cells in a vial to a doctor near you is short on science and long on business plans. What do I mean? I’ve never quite understood how […]

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Is Disc Stem Cell Therapy for Real?

disc stem cell therapy

I have a lot to blog about this morning with many subjects waiting in the cue, but every once in awhile a subject is pressing enough that it needs to be blogged immediately. This morning that subject is disc stem cell therapy. […]

Can a Mucoid ACL be Helped with Stem Cells? What the Heck is that?

mucoid acl

A mucoid ACL sounds more like the product of a bad cold than it does a degenerated ligament in the knee. This problem has few surgical solutions, so can it benefit from knee stem cell injections? Joe is a 70 year old […]

The 7 Most Common Headache Causes and Cures…

headache causes and cures

The headache treatment world is a weird place when it comes to headache causes and cures. On the one side you have neurologists who focus on vascular headaches known as migraine and throw drugs at the problem. On the other side you […]

New Study Questions ACL Surgery Effectiveness…

ACL Surgery Effectiveness

In our modern society, it almost seems that ACL knee surgery is a rite of passage for many athletes. It seems like many professional athletes that serve as role models have had an ACL repair. Yet is the surgery all that effective? Research […]