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Are There Glucosamine Types? Is a Tiny Chemical Difference Important?

glucosamine types

Glucosamine is a supplement commonly used to treat arthritis. However, the clinical research has been all over the map, with some studies showing nice efficacy for those with maladies such as knee arthritis, and other studies showing little benefit in real patients. There is likely […]

Checking the Facts about Fat Stem Cell Therapies: Breaking Down the Slick Marketing

facts about fat stem cell therapies

The Facts About Fat Stem Cell Therapies…

A Regenexx Network physician recently sent me marketing materials from a fat stem cell company that were being sent to him by a patient. The patient has severe hip arthritis and based on […]

Dr. Chris Centeno on the History of Regenexx

Regenexx History by Dr. Chris Centeno Regenexx began in 2005, when I noticed a research paper that used mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to repair degenerated discs in rabbits. The concept was exciting, as the paper showed that even badly degenerated discs could be made new again by injecting stem cells. At the time, our clinic […]

By |July 11th, 2014||

The Passion of Chris Centeno


Chris Centeno

 This week I received an email from a longstanding patient who came across this article and couldn’t understand how it was that she had never seen it before.  She asked me to put it out there as she felt that it accurately portrayed not […]

By |July 11th, 2014|FDA, Latest News|

What Triathlete Knee Pain? Grateful Triathlete Uses Own Stem Cells to Help Knee

triathlon knee pain

Triathlete knee pain can sideline the best of them, especially in the running or cycling portions of the event. All too often, triathletes opt for invasive surgical quick fixes that leave them with more knee arthritis in the long run. We’ve been treating […]

Back Pain and Extra Weight: Are You Wrecking Your Low Back?

back pain and extra weight

Do back pain and extra weight correlate? The research on the topic has traditionally been mixed, but more recent studies seem to be drawing a firmer connection. In fact, several out this past few months show that extra weight is damaging your […]

Why that Huge Bottle of Cheap Fish Oil You Buy at CostCo isn’t Doing You Any Good

arthritis fish oil dosage

Is there an optimal arthritis fish oil dosage? Ever since researchers noted that native eskimos were quite stout and yet didn’t have many of the chronic diseases of industrialized society, fish oil has been in the research pipeline. The results of 20 […]

By |June 29th, 2014|Nutrition|

Patient Right to Try Laws: Who in their Right Mind Would Oppose this Movement?

patient right to try laws

A loved one lies dying, withering away. A new drug shows promise in treating this disease. Shouldn’t it be a “no-brainer” that the dying person can chose whatever therapy they want, including an unapproved drug? Isn’t this a basic […]

By |June 23rd, 2014|Latest News|

Algae use Quantum Computing to Be More Efficient: Implications for Stem Cells

algae use quantum computing

I don’t usually blog about algae, but I read a study this morning that simply blew me away. Basically, certain forms of algae that live in light poor environments use the same techniques currently being used in quantum computers to squeeze […]

By |June 18th, 2014|Latest News|

Looking for Safer Stenosis Back Surgery Recovery? Skip the Fusion!

stenosis back surgery recovery

Can a safer stenosis back surgery recovery can be had by skipping the fusion?  When I began practicing medicine 25 years ago, a low back fusion was rare. However, over the last two decades low back fusion rates are […]

By |June 14th, 2014|Back/lumbar|