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Note to Reporters: The Regenexx procedures currently being offered in the US are 1271.15(b) compliant (same surgical procedure) and not considered a 351 drug by FDA. The only Regenexx procedure considered a drug by FDA was the Regenexx-C procedure, which has not been performed in the U.S. since 2010. For more information on the medical practice and it’s mission, see here…

-Wall Street Journal OpEds on Regenerative v. FDA: April 2012-Former FDA Commissioner Opposes FDA’s Stance, August 2012-Former FDA Deputy Director Opposes FDA’s Stance

-Manhattan Institute Legal Policy Review on How the FDA’s Misguided Regulation of Stem Cells Hurts Innovation

In addition, we believe in following all of our patients in a treatment Registry and publish all the results of our therapies: the good results as well as the treatment failures. Here are examples of easy to read patient infographics that provide these outcome details on many treated patients:

-2013 Treatment Registry Outcome Data

For our research articles published in medical research journals-see this link

We have four randomized controlled trials underway, for the links click here…

Finally, we also believe in highlighting both patients success stories and treatment failures. Here are links to treatment failures we have highlighted on our site: failure 1, failure 2,  failure 3

Regenexx Procedure Aired to Millions on TV’s The Doctors

Play VideoRegenexx Stem Cell Procedures and the Centeno-Schultz Clinic Featured

We’re proud to announce our appearance on “The Doctors” TV show Jan. 25, 2012. The show featured Dr. Centeno and Hanson in the clinic and lab, as well as Dr. Hanson in their LA studio with patient Barbee James, our patient who required stem cell treatment after a failed micro fracture and continued problems following traditional knee surgery.



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