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Interesting News on Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine

Knee Osteonecrosis Alternatives: Can a Precise Injection Rescue Dying Bone?

knee osteonecrosis alternativse

Are there viable knee osteonecrosis alternatives outside of joint replacement? Avascular necrosis a.k.a. osteonecrosis is a horrible disease of the bone where the structure often collapses. Having said that, we’ve successfully treated many cases by using a minimally invasive method to place the patient’s […]

Managing an Arthritic Hip with Stem Cells Over the Long Haul

hip stem cell injections

Can we manage severe hip arthritis with  hip stem cell injections?

CM is a 52 year old woman who presented to our clinic in 2008 with fairly severe hip arthritis (most of the hip cartilage gone, but not […]

Stem Cells for Hip Osteonecrosis-Mexican Style: Ole?

hip osteonecrosis stem cell

Why are we so finicky about candidacy grading? As you may know, we insist on giving every patient an honest assessment of their candidacy grading-Good, Fair, or Poor. Being a good candidate doesn’t guarantee the procedure will work just like being […]

Our Patients Speak about their Regenexx Stem Cell Experience

regenexx stem cell experience

On a recent discussion board, someone posted a question about whether the Regenexx stem cell procedure was for real. Well our patients seem to have jumped on to answer the question. What we do […]

Hip AVN Stem Cell Alternative

hip avn stem cell

Hip AVN stem cell treatment has been science fiction for many patients but we here at the Centeno-Schultz clinic have been pioneering this advanced procedure for years.

RA is a patient that has benefited from an injection of his own stem […]

A Two Year plus Report of Knee Stem Cells in an Avid Skier

knee stem cells

PD is a 57 year old woman first seen by our clinic in February of 2009 for a one year history of knee pain on both sides. She had a right knee arthroscopic surgery in the 1980’s and her recent MRI […]

Hip Pain after a Hip Replacement: Helping a Patient with Blood Platelets and Stem Cells

hip replacement pain after one year

Hip replacement pain after one year? ML is a 69 year old woman who we first evaluated in June and who now claims we have performed a “miracle”. I don’t know if I would use the same terms […]

Severe Hip Arthritis treated with Stem cells: Two Year Update

hip arthritis treated with stem cells

As we pride ourselves in discussing all aspects of our results, today I’d like to discuss a patient with severe hip arthritis treated with stem cells who had a time limited result. CS is a […]

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis with Stem Cells

hand arthritis stem cells

LZ is a 43 year old woman with rheumatoid arthritis who was evaluated by us last year with a history of debilitating right foot pain and rheumatoid arthritis. She originally sought us out because she wanted […]

Treating Hip Arthritis in a Hiker with Stem Cells

Hip Arthritis Stem Cell

CH is a 51 year old ex-power lifter who was seen in May of last year because he was seeking a hip surgery alternative. His MRI showed severe arthritis and he was considered […]