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Interesting News on Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine

My Disc Stem Cell Injection Early Christmas Gift

doctor christmas

We’ve been injecting stem cells into low back discs longer than anyone else on earth. One of our early patients was a young man named Jacob who I’ve come to know well through the years. After a successful first disc stem cell injection […]

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How to Get Off Migraine Medications: Trudy’s Story

how to get off migraine medications

When Trudy first walked into the office I’m not ashamed to say that I was overwhelmed. Not only did she want to know how to get off migraine medications, but also how to get off other meds she was taking for […]

Gymnast Foot Problems: Could It Be Your Back?

gymnast foot problems

At Regenexx, our focus is always treating the whole athlete. One of the unfortunate things that happens in our modern world of orthopedic hyper-specialists is that injured athletes are broken down into their parts that hurt. The knee guy sees someone with knee pain, […]

New Treatment for Neck Pain: Platelet Lysate and Heidi’s Journey

New Treatment for neck pain

At our annual Regenexx network provider conference in Denver this past week, a network physician who is more focused on interventional spine came up and thanked me for introducing him to a new treatment for neck pain – platelet lysate. This one […]

Disc Replacement in a Teenager?

Disc Replacement in a Teenager

Is disc replacement in a teenager a good idea? Is fusion smart or dumb in this age group? This was the dilemma facing Analisa, a 20 year old young woman with a bad low back disc. In the end, she used advanced […]

Torn Disc Surgery Alternatives: Can You Heal Disc Tears?

torn disc surgery alternatives

Torn discs can be painful, but are often missed as a cause of pain, usually lumped with garden variety degenerative disc disease. Some of the patients with these tears that have chronic pain end up with surgical fusions. However, are there torn disc surgery […]

Can a Disc Stem Cell Injection Work When All Else Fails?

disc stem cell

RT is a 56 year old male with a very long history of back pain which began in the 70’s when he injured himself on a boat. He’s one of the more recalcitrant back pain patients that I have seen in years, failing to show significant improvements […]

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SR: Low Back Disc Stem Cell Save

low back disc stem cell

Like every procedure ever used in the history of medicine, ours has it’s successes and failures. For a physician, the successes are always more fun and some of those can get to be routine. However, every once in awhile you see a […]

A Colorado Regenexx Patient Review: Pain Free!

coloradp regenexx patient review

We received this Colorado Regenexx Patient Review recently from a patient who wanted to share his experience at Regenexx Colorado. When he contacted Regenexx he was in excruciating pain, and his local physician’s treatment had made the situation worse rather than better…

“So, recently I started to […]

Stem Cells for Back Pain? One Patient’s Experience…

Stem Cells for Back Pain

Stem cells for back pain have been a big topic this past year or so. This is Claire’s story, who I think like many, believed that a stem cell injection in her spine could help her disability. When I first saw her MRI and heard […]

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