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Interesting News on Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine

Ankle Stem Cell Treatment in a Rodeo Champion

ankle stem cell treatment

The Calgary Herald reported yesterday that a two time world champion steer wrestler is hoping our ankle stem cell treatment will help his ankle arthritis. Looking at the punishment his ankle is taking in the photo they printed yesterday (see […]

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Update on Stem Cells for Severe Ankle Arthritis

ankle stem cell treatment

One of the things we pride ourselves on is that we discuss all of our stem cell outcomes and publish our work, which includes the patients that do great with stem cells and the […]

Helping a College Track Athlete’s Ankle with Stem Cells

ankle stem cell treatment

Can an ankle stem cell treatment help a college athlete with ankle problems? KW is 21 y/o university field and track athlete who was unable to compete due to ankle pain. She had a longstanding history of ankle sprains and had […]

Helping a Patient with an Ankle Deltoid Ligament Injury

ankle stem cell therapy

Ankle stem cell therapy? PR is a 65 year old with a one year history of an ankle problem injury by stepping off a curb. At the time, he felt severe pain on the inside of his ankle […]

Dr. Hanson Speaking on Stem Cells at National Foot/Ankle Surgery Course

ankle stem cell injection

Dr. Hanson will be speaking in Washington, D.C, presenting pre-publication data on the use of stem cell injections for ankle injuries such as osteochondral defects with and without chronic ligament laxity at the Tornier National Foot/Ankle Forum on June […]

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