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Interesting News on Orthopedic Stem Cell Therapy & Regenerative Medicine

Knee Stem Cell Injection in a Cyclist and Runner with a Meniscus Deficient Knee with ACL Laxity

A doctor discusses the results from a cyclist and runner who had failed knee meniscus surgery and finally found success through non-surgical injections of his own stem cells into the knee.

By |January 3rd, 2011|Knee, Latest News, Regenexx-SD, Sports Injury|

Regenexx-AD Fat Graft Survival

A doctor discusses a treatment that uses stem cells and a fat graft, all performed through injection and without the need for a second surgery, to treat knees that have failed meniscus surgery.

By |December 20th, 2010|Knee, Latest News, Regenexx-AD|

Knee Surgery to Repair the Meniscus Shows High Failure Rate

A doctor discusses a new study that shows that getting a torn meniscus to heal with surgery can be difficult.

By |December 17th, 2010|Knee, Latest News|