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Another Torn Knee Meniscus Helped by Stem Cells

torn knee meniscus stem cell

Another torn knee meniscus stem cell treatment success!  Leslie was first seen by our clinic in March of 2011. I’ll let her tell for own story below, but she was treated at that time with the Regenexx-AD stem cell procedure with a highly […]

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Treating a Knee Meniscus Tear with Stem Cells

knee meniscus stem cell

Can a knee meniscus stem cell procedure repair a meniscus tear?  Michael was featured in a prior post based on his healing of a complete ACL tear with just an injection of stem […]

Stem Cells for a Knee Meniscus Tear

A physician discusses a cyclist with a meniscus tear who was able to avoid surgery by using his own stem cells.

Helping a Veterinarian Get Back to Trail Running

A doctor discusses how a veterinarian tried stem cell therapy for his knee, after seeing it work so well in the dogs he treats.

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