knee replacement alternative

Cost May Be One Reason to Look for A Knee Replacement Alternative

knee replacement alternative


How much does a knee replacement cost? I don’t usually quote financial sites on this blog, but this one just did such a great job of putting the outrageous costs of knee or hip replacement in perspective, I couldn’t resist. At more than 50K, […]

If Your Knee Replacement Really Hurts, Can You Blame Your Parents?

knee replacement pain genetic

We’re just starting to understand how different we all are. In the 1960s and even when I graduated medical school in the 80s, physicians believed that all of their patients were the same. In fact, much of our current regulatory SNAFUs regarding cell […]

By |September 3rd, 2013|Latest News|

Knee Replacement Recovery: New Study Shows that Many Patients are in Severe Pain

knee replacement recovery

Knee replacement surgery recovery is a big deal. After all, the surgery involves the amputation of the knee joint and then the insertion of a prosthesis. As a result, knee replacement has been associated with side effects like a massive […]

Knee Replacement Cost: Prices Soar as the Outcomes Drop and the Complications Mount


knee replacement cost and complications

What does a knee replacement cost? There was a great New York Times article on Sunday that reported that patients without insurance (and some with insurance), as being priced out of knee or hip replacement surgeries. One of […]

Faster Partial Knee Replacement Recovery for Young and Active Patients? Not so fast…

partial knee replacement recovery

Faster partial knee replacement recovery is often touted as the rationale for why someone would want to replace only half their knee versus a total knee replacement. However, the research of the last few years hasn’t been kind […]

Knee Replacement Allergy: Allergic to the Cement after 4 Surgeries on the Same Knee

knee replacement allergyCan you have a knee replacement allergy? Awhile back I blogged on knee placement and the studies showing that a good number of patients are allergic to various components of the prosthesis. A few weeks ago […]

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Regenexx-SD Stem Cell Knee and Hip Replacement Alternative Data vs Surgery


stem cell knee and hip replacement alternative

How does the Regenexx-SD Stem Cell Knee and Hip Replacement Alternative stack up to knee and hip replacement surgery?  As you may recall, I blogged a while back on the new data collected by orthopedic surgeon and […]

A Tale of Two Siblings and A Knee Replacement Alternative at One Year Out

knee replacement alternative

There are many younger patients these days that find themselves needing a knee replacement, This morning I’d like to write about a brother and a sister who both found themselves in that precarious situation. The 57 year old brother (GM) is […]

Another Reason to look for a Knee Replacement Alternative: Who knew the Knee Bone was Connected to the Ankle Bone?

knee replacement alternative

Might there be other reasons to seek out a knee replacement alternative other than the fact that a surprising high number of patients still have knee pain despite knee replacement? How about one you would have […]

By |December 28th, 2012|Knee, Latest News|

Largest Knee Arthritis X-ray Study Shows Bone Spurs Predict need for Knee Replacement-Maybe…

knee replacement alternative

In our practice we call knee replacement the surgical amputation of the knee joint with insertion of a prosthesis. Why? It’s a very big surgery with a 1 in 10 chance of serious, life changing complications; and a very good reason […]

By |July 17th, 2012|Knee, Latest News|
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