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The 5-5-5 Knee Stem Cell Treatment: Hype or Reality?

knee stem cell ethics

Herman Cane became famous for his 9-9-9 plan during his presidential bid. Now there’s a new plan in the arena of stem cells brought to us by a reader of this blog, the 5-5-5 knee stem cell treatment. If you get a knee […]

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Does the Severity of Your Knee Arthritis Impact the Outcome of Your Regenexx-SD Knee Stem Cell Procedure?

knee stem cell

Surprising New Knee Stem Cell Outcome Data

Over the last almost decade that we have been offering stem cell treatments, we have graded patients with regard to candidacy. These Good, Fair, or Poor candidate grades have literally dissuaded hundreds of patients […]

By |November 17th, 2013|Infographics, Knee Procedure Outcomes, Regenexx-SD|

Our Dedication to Research: Long-term Follow-ups on Knee Stem Cell Patients

knee stem cell

This past two weeks we’ve been shoring up our registry data collection on long-term patients treated with both the Regenexx-SD and -C knee stem cell procedures. Unlike the newbie clinics just starting to treat patients with stem cells, we have patients that are […]

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Lateral Release Recovery: Do We Know this Knee Surgery Actually Works?

lateral release recovery

Why undergo lateral release recovery at all? If I had to create a list of bad knee surgeries just based on the hundreds of patients I’ve seen with failed knee surgeries, lateral release for knee cap tracking problems would be near the top of […]

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ER Doctor with 2 Years of Stem Cell Knee Pain Relief

How long does stem cell knee pain relief last for severe arthritis? We treat many medical providers with knee arthritis and other ailments. Why? First, medical providers like doctors, nurses, and physical therapists have (to quote the movie Jerry McGuire) “been to the puppet show and seen all the strings”. What […]

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Periodic Knee Injections of Stem Cells Delay Cartilage Degeneration

stem cells delay cartilage degeneration

Japanese researchers presented a research study this week at the Orthopedic Research Society that showed periodic injections of stem cells delay cartilage degeneration in knee osteoarthritis. While this was an animal model, it fits with our 8 year experience […]

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Knee Stem Cell Injections help a Mountaineer/Photographer return to Chasing Ice

knee stem cell

Can knee stem cell injections keep a professional mountaineer who needs a knee replacement stay in the field without major surgery? Jim Balog is the kind of unique and gifted person you can meet in the unique city of Boulder, Colorado. […]

Helping a Woman’s Knee Arthritis with Stem Cells

knee stem cell

Can a knee stem cell treatment help knee arthritis in an older woman who also has back problems? LN is a 60 year old woman with a two year history of knee pain on the left and a 10 year history on the right.  Because […]

Does Having a Specialist Matter for Knee Stem Cell Injection Success?

stem cell knee experience

Does stem cell knee experience matter? After all, stem cells are magic, right? I lectured at an age management conference in Florida this weekend and one of the other presenters lectured on a patient case. While the topic was […]

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The Regenexx procedure to be featured on “The Doctors” TV Show Tomorrow

knee stem cell

We’re proud to announce our appearance on “The Doctors” TV show this Wednesday morning  and afternoon (1/25/12-promo link here).  The show will feature Dr. Centeno and Hanson in the clinic and lab as well as Dr. Hanson (Dr. Centeno […]

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