Is the Knee Normal after Successful ACL Surgery?

A doctor discusses research suggesting that your knee may never be completely normal after knee ACL replacement surgery.
By |January 30th, 2011|Knee, Latest News|

Embryonic and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Have Genetic Problems

A doctor discusses why embryonic stem cells and IPS cells have problems that make their mass production potentially worrisome and why using the patient's own adult stem cells is likely allot safer.
By |January 7th, 2011|Latest News|

Grade 3 Ankle Ligament Sprain: Surgery vs. Bracing

A doctor discusses whether the medical research supports whether grade III ankle ligament sprains should be surgically repaired (ankle surgery) or treated without surgery.

Does Ankle Ligament Surgery Fix the Ankle?

A doctor discusses why surgery to repair an injured or damaged ankle ligament may not leave the foot and ankle with normal ankle motions.

Do you need knee ACL surgery for a partial tear?

A doctor discusses non-surgical treatments for knee ACL tears as well as injections that may help the ligament heal.

Surgery for torn knee ligaments and meniscus may improve short-term outcomes, but it did not prevent development of osteoarthritis

A doctor discusses a Dutch study showing that orthopedic knee surgery to repair ligaments and meniscus failed to prevent the development of knee arthritis.
By |July 6th, 2010|Latest News|

Ankle Arthritis Pain due to Deltoid Ligament Injury

A doctor discusses treating a deltoid ligament injury and ankle arthritis by injecting the patient's own stem cells.
By |December 11th, 2009|Ankle, Regenexx-C|