Healing a Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear in a Physical Therapist with Stem Cells

A doctor discusses how PRP with stem cells injected into a shoulder rotator cuff tear under imaging guidance helped this partial rotator cuff tear heal and avoid shoulder surgery.

Shoulder Range of Motion is not Fully Restored by Rotator Cuff Surgery

A physician discusses new research showing that patients don't recover full strength, stability, or range of motion after a shoulder rotator cuff repair surgery performed for a shoulder rotator cuff tear.
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60% of Patients get Knee Arthritis within a few Years of Removing Parts of the Meniscus with Surgery

A doctor reviews research showing that surgically removing parts of a torn meniscus with surgery will lead to a more rapid onset of knee arthritis.

Can you Wait to have a Rotator Cuff Tear Repaired?

A doctor discusses how research on how long shoulder rotator cuff patients can wait before surgery and how this may impact their eventual outcome.

Injecting Bone Marrow Stem Cells help Repair Achilles Tendon Rupture

A doctor discusses that the injection of the patient's own stem cells into a tendon rupture or tear ( like an Achilles tendon rupture ), may help patients avoid the need for ankle surgery.

Study Shows Asymptomatic Rotator Cuff Tears More Common in Diabetic Patients

A doctor discusses that shoulder rotator cuff tears are common in elderly diabetic patients and that using injections of the patient's own stem cells into these tears may be a way to prevent massive rotator cuff tears from occurring later and thus avoid shoulder surgery.

Regenexx Featured in Life Extension Magazine

A doctor discusses how the patient's own stem cells may help repair orthopedic injuries such as knee arthritis, meniscus tears, rotator cuff tears, and ankle arthritis.
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