As an alternative to the following traditional ankle surgery types, the Regenexx® procedure is a breakthrough, non-surgical treatment option.

Ankle Fusion

The bones with painful arthritis are fused together permanently with either plates and screws, or bone grafts from the patient or a cadaver.

Ankle Replacement

The skin is opened and the worn down ends of  the ankle bones are sawed off.  Metal or plastic caps are then hammered or cemented into place.

Ankle Ligament Repair Procedures

There are several types of repair surgeries.  These involve shortening the stretched or torn ligaments, then attaching them to the bone with staples or screws.

Ankle Arthroscopy

A camera and surgical instruments are placed through the skin into the joint. To assess the extent of damage.  Loose cartilage may be trimmed, bone spurs shaved, and stretched or torn ligaments may be repaired.