Total Hip Revision

Over time the artificial material of the hip replacement wears down and may need to be replaced.  This is a longer, more involved surgery that involves the removal of the metal parts around which bone has grown and which may have been cemented in place.  The new parts are then hammered in in a similar manner to the first procedure.

Hip Resurfacing

After the skin incision and muscle disruption, the ball of the femur is sawed off and replaced with a metal ball.  The socket of the pelvis is also lined with a metal cup.  This relatively new surgery is limited to certain types of patients.

Total Hip Replacement

Incisions are made on the skin and muscles are torn away to expose the bones.  The top of the leg bone (femur) is sawed off and a metal prosthesis is hammered into place.  A metal cup is also hammered into the socket of the pelvis.

Consider the alternatives to The Regenexx®-SD procedure by viewing this total hip replacement surgery video: