stem cell alternative to knee replacement

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

As an alternative to the following types of traditional knee replacement surgeries, Regenexx procedures may offer some patients a non-surgical treatment alternative to a very invasive and traumatic surgery. In a total knee replacement surgery, the quadriceps muscle is detached and the ends of the femur and tibia are cut off.  Metal, plastic, or ceramic inserts are then hammered and cemented into the bone ends.

Not all individuals are a candidates for our procedures, but consider the upside of an injection-based procedure vs. the knee replacement shown in this video. If you’re facing knee replacement surgery, consider completing our Regenexx Candidate Form to learn if Regenexx is an option for your condition. Warning: this video contains very graphic content of an actual knee replacement surgery.


Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

In rare instances, degeneration is localized to one side of the knee.  Part of the tibia ad femur are sawed off and replaced with artificial caps.

Knee Surgery Revision

This is a re-do of the total Knee Replacement.  This time, the fixed ends of the artificial knee must be forcibly loosened and removed, often with more bone reshaping, before the placement of new artificial inserts.