The Regenexx® Patented Stem Cell Procedure for Non-Union Fractures is a next generation, non-surgical stem cell treatment for people suffering from non-healing fractures. The procedure works without surgery by amplifying the concentration of a person’s own stem cells in the problem area, boosting the bone’s ability to heal itself naturally.

Non-Union Fractures

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Traditional options for the treatment of non-union fractures typically involves surgery, which can be painful and require months of rehab, with no guarantees of success. As an alternative to surgery, Regenexx® stem cell procedure patients typically experience little to no down time from the procedure.

Treating Non-Union Fractures with Stem Cells

Most bone fractures heal without difficulty. However, fractures that demonstrate motion of the bony ends with incomplete healing more than 6 months after injury are called non-union fractures.

Of the estimated 6 million bone fractures in the United States each year, approximately 300,000 will develop slow (delayed union) or incomplete healing (non-union). The reasons for a non-union (or failed) fracture may include:

  • Complicated, multisegmental factures (severe comminution)
  • Open fractures
  • Fractures associated with tumors (pathologic fractures)
  • Infection
  • Insufficient fracture immobilization (fixation)
  • Inadequate blood supply
  • Poor nutrition
  • Chronic disease states (diabetes, renal failure, metabolic bone disease)

Learn Why Regenexx is Superior to Other Stem Cell Solutions

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Regenexx Published Research on Treating Non-Union Fractures

Non-Union Fractures Research

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While published research on treating non-union fractures with stem cells has been limited, Regenexx doctors published a paper on it back in 2008. The research included patient case studies and conclusions. However, unlike more common orthopedic conditions, such as arthritis, the small pool of potential patients for this treatment was quite small. Since that time, our findings continue to show stem cells to be a promising treatment for those with issues relating to bone healing.

Another study supporting enhanced fracture healing through stem cell injections

A story from our blog in 2015, showing bone healing from stem cell injections

Non-Union Fracture Patient Testimonials

“The results were absolutely amazing. Just 24 hours later, I had no pain at all in my pelvis. In four weeks, a CAT scan showed the beginnings of the healing process, and in eight weeks another scan showed a moderate union of the fractures. I’m now living in Boulder, walking on my own, without a walker, and I have no pain whatsoever. This technique, which is minimally invasive, is a complete miracle as far as I’m concerned. I want the whole world – especially seniors – to know that injuries such as femoral, hip and pelvic fractures don’t have to diminish your quality of life. You can be healthy and moving forward again with this procedure.” Read the full story

“Regenexx did what nothing else could. Given the minimal invasiveness of the procedure and the outstanding results, I would highly recommend it for anyone.” Read the full story

Are You Suffering from a Non-Union Fracture?

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