As an alternative to the following types of traditional shoulder surgery, the Regenexx® procedure is a breakthrough, non-surgical treatment option.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Under general or regional anesthesia, several surgical instruments are placed into the joint.  Depending on what is seen, bone, cartilage or ligaments may be cut/ trimmed, or repaired.

Rotator Cuff Repair

Done either arthroscopically (described above) or through a larger open incision, torn tendons are stitched and /or stapled to the arm bone (humerus).  Bone and soft tissue may be shaved as well.

Shoulder Replacement

Under general anesthesia, cuts are made in the skin, muscles are removed from their attachments to the arm bone (humerus).  The ball shaped end of the humerus is sawed off and a metal ball is hammered in place.  Bone in the “cup” portion of the joint, is shaved, and a metal cup is cemented in place.