Interventional Orthopedics Fellowship-Details

Jobs – Regenexx®  The fellowship is being offered by the Centeno-Schultz clinic (CSC) in Interventional Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine. The term is 12 months beginning June 2015-June 2016. We will take two fellows after a successful fellowship in 2012-2013. The fellowship year will be broken up as follows:

-50% Clinical Care with a focus on the use of various percutaneous stem cell and platelet technologies in regenerative medicine. This includes interaction with a level III stem cell lab that is part of CSC.

-25% Research-The fellow must complete a research project under CSC supervision and submit same for publication by June 2016.

-25% Device Development-The fellowship recognizes that the future of Interventional Orthopedics depends on the development of devices that allow procedures of increasing complexity to be performed through a needle. A completed device project under the supervision of CSC staff must be completed by June 2016.

Qualifications-Board certified in either Physical medicine and Rehabilitation or Family Practice, Sports Medicine. The applicant must have basic MSK ultrasound skills mastered. Basic regenerative medicine experience (simple regenerative techniques such as PRP or prolotherapy) is helpful.

Salary: 75K

Job Prospect: The applicant may or may not be offered a position as a staff physician at CSC, depending on performance in the fellowship and the needs of the clinic.

Benefits: 401K, medical, annual health club membership included

Location: Denver/Boulder, Colorado

Housing: None provided, but there are many apartments within walking distance of the clinic-car not required.


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