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2009 International Cellular Medicine Society Conference in Las Vegas



The ICMS will host it’s annual conference in Las Vegas on 11/5/09 at the Red Rock resort.  What separates this conference from every other conference on stem cells is that this one will feature physicians who use cellular therapies everyday as part of their medical practices.  Lectures will include: basic stem cell science by Henry Young, PhD-a scientist with 35 years of experience in culturing stem cells; stem cell collection through apheresis by Alan Harris, M.D., Ph.D;  the use of stem cells in Orthopedics by Christopher Centeno, M.D.;  the development of new adult stem cell lines by Yael Porat, Ph.D.;  regulatory issues for stem cell use as the practice of medicine by Christine Humphrey, Esq;  BMAC used to treat CHF by Jorge Mubarak, M.D.;  an overview of the ICMS guidelines and treatment registry by Christopher Centeno, M.D.; the treatment of type 1 diabetes using BMAC-Francesca Vitelli, Ph.D.; the use of stem cells to treat degenerative disc disease-John Schultz, M.D.  The ICMS business meeting will be held the following morning on 11/6/09.  The ICMS Stem Cell conference agenda click here…


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