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A Trio of Patients Sing High Praises for Dr John Pitts MD!

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Dr John Pitts

Dr John Pitts, M.D. was our fellow last year and he impressed us so much with his skills and easy going way that he became part of our Colorado team. This is saying something, as you can see how picky we are with adding physicians to our stem cell network, let alone our Colorado clinic. John continues to excel.

I don’t hand out high praise very often, but John impressed me with his interventional skills (ability to place a needle anywhere it needed to be regardless of difficulty) very early. This was a guy who just had “great hands”-something in interventional orthopedics that can be trained, but that some physicians just have. I also knew he was “cool” once he created a stem cell rap for our Christmas party last year! In addition, he’s crazy smart and works hard. I remember in medical school that I broke my colleagues into three categories: “not that bright, but works like a dog to keep up”, “smart, but just skating by”, and “smart and works hard”. John is the last type.

However, as a physician, what matters most is what patients think, so here are three comments we just received on John’s gifted work:

62 yo man-6 months after Regenexx SD for knee and shoulder arthritis:

“Knee is doing well no pain at all the last 3 weeks. Still working to strengthen the muscles that support the knee. I still have a little trouble with long forward down steps, but my right leg is back to being the dominate one again.  Shoulder is still doing great. All thing considered I would consider the procedure on my knee a success, and my shoulder an amazing success.

Thank You”


55 yo woman-2 months after her second SCP injection to R shoulder and 7 months after SCP to left shoulder:

“Dr. Pitts – 

Wahoo I’m back in the pool!  Thank you Dr. Pitts for the awesome treatments on my shoulders. After months of not being able to swim or do any upper body workout, Dr. Pitts’ knowledge, skills and treatments have gotten me back into the pool and swimming again.  A doc who is caring, easy going, has a great sense of humor, and is compassionate about his work …what more can you ask for?  A staff that is equally as wonderful!  Thank you all for making what possibly could have been an ugly surgical experience into a wonderful nonsurgical experience, with better results.  How often does one get to say that?”


75 yo woman-5 months after Regenexx SD for bilateral knee arthritis:

“Dear Dr Pitts,

WANT YOU TO KNOW how well I am doing.  Can walk almost pain free.  Also riding my pony for an hour and a half!  YEE-HAW

Thank you so much for helping me!  Yes-I do thank you and love you for making me better!”


Wow! Great work Dr. Pitts!


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