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A Two Year plus Report of Knee Stem Cells in an Avid Skier

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PD is a 57 year old woman first seen by our clinic in February of 2009 for a one year history of knee pain on both sides. She had a right knee arthroscopic surgery in the 1980’s and her recent MRI showed almost complete loss of cartilage under the knee cap. The outside meniscus of that right knee was degenerated with the left knee MRI having similar, but less severe problems. In essence, the right knee was a mess. In 2009 she had a knee stem cells procedure using her own cultured stem cells (Regenexx-C) placed via injection into both of her knees on multiple occasions. She did well, returning to skiing. However, I always get asked by patients how long does the effect of placing stem cells in a knee last? Here is her 2 year plus report on how her knees have held up:

“Both of my knees have behaved exceptionally well since the last injections I received at your clinic…I had come to you because everyday was a painful experience. I had swelling and when I snow skied (on ‘black diamond’ Western slopes for several hours) I usually took 6 Advil prior and post the ski, also I iced the knees down afterwards. Wore compression and stabilizing braces, usually they still swelled! Was never sure when my knee/s might simply buckle…After the injections and following protocol the prescribed of easing back into the activities I desired, I have had: no pain, no swelling, no range of movement limitations. Functionally,  I noticed I no longer avoid stairs,  I no longer consider stair railings a ‘must’ hold on to, I no longer take pain killers and my knees do not feel ‘tight’. Personal practical items which improved: comfortable to stand up from a chair (toilet) without use of arms/hands support, walk and run without pain or swelling, consider knees ‘trustworthy’ to walk carrying grandchildren, breakables, etc., I no longer have the noise of ‘clicking’ knees as I ascend stairs.”

We’re happy to see PD’s ongoing success due to her own stem cells injected in her knees. Certainly, before we began that process in 2009, her right knee was a candidate for knee replacement surgery and instead, all she had was a series of injections with minimal downtime. We wish PD many more happy miles spent skiing the slopes!

NOTE: Regenexx-C is a medical procedure and like all medical procedures has a success and failure rate.  Not all Regenexx-C patients experience the same results.  The Regenexx-C procedure licensed by RegenexxCayman is not approved by the U.S. FDA for use in the United States.  RegenexxCayman is an independently owned and operated medical services provider operating exclusively in the Cayman Islands and is not part of or affiliated with the Centeno-Schultz Clinic or any U.S. Regenexx Network provider.




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