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Age Management 2.0



There is a blossoming physician speciality in age management medicine.  What’s that?  It’s a field of medicine that uses medications to reduce the effects of aging.  When certain natural hormones decline with age, they are supplemented, particularly in men.  I’ve spoken at some of these conferences and have been bowled over at the number of physicians that are involved in this movement.  Thousands of doctors pack conference rooms to hear lectures on how to defy the effects of aging.  Stem cell therapy would seem to be the next step in age management, call it age management 2.0.  After all, even with the best age management techniques, exercise, a great diet, and good genes; at some point, parts wear out.  Today a physician professional group (AMMG) took a stand on age management 2.0.  Adult stem cells have the ability to repair many of these worn out parts.  The American Stem Cell Therapy Association is also taking a stand on putting forth guidelines so that patients can work with doctors to use their own adult stem cells. The upshot?  Age management 1.0 (hormone therapy) can likely reduce the effects of aging, but when parts wear out, age management 2.0 will be needed.


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