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“All I Want to Do is Dance!”

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Enjoy the latest Regenexx video by documentary filmmaker Doug Orchard as he follows Don and Marie’s quest to keep dancing their way through an active life!


    rick smith says



    Chris Centeno says

    About the same as the out of pocket expense for a knee replacement with good health insurance. Depending on what your knee (hip, shoulder, etc.) needs approximate range would be about $1500 to $5500.


    Barb Ried says

    Can you explain how stem cells help the locking up of the knee joint? The fold must have still been in the joint from the meniscus or does it work itself out once you address the inflammation?


    Chris Centeno says

    It's a bit more complicated than that as it depends on what caused the situation. This is an example: When needed, the displaced meniscus can be buttressed with a stem cell containing fat graft. Our Regenexx Flexible Lab Platform gives us many different tools to use and to customize. But the first step would be to establish Candidacy. To do that, submit the Candidate form, or call 855 622 7838 for assistance with that process.


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