Regenexx-SCP (Stem Cell Plasma)

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Did you know that there are stem cells in your blood? In the past 5-10 years, many studies have been published showing that different stem cell types can circulate in the blood. The most important types seem to be very tiny cells that most cell biologists thought were debris. In our flow cytometry analysis  (a special machine that can measure surface markers on each individual cell) of varying kinds of platelet preparations, we have confirmed that circulating stem cells are present in our Regenexx-SCP procedure. We have also confirmed that Regenexx-SCP can heal meniscus tears, with before and after ultrasound images confirming healing of the tear and patients reporting excellent results. To see case studies here for Regenexx-SCP, click on the link below. Since the Regenexx-SCP procedure begins with a simple blood draw and the cells go back into the patient in the same surgical procedure, we expect to use this new stem cell type more and more in the future.

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