Stem Cells and Bone on Bone Arthritis

POSTED ON 7/28/2015 IN Archive BY Christopher Centeno

[dk-video id="iy7uMh_iuOg"] I often get asked about stem cells and bone on bone arthritis, i.e. can a stem cell injection help patients with severe knee arthritis? After all, surgeons often use the term "bone on bone" to describe these patients, a situation that sounds frightening. Jim from Pittsburgh was one of those patients, a hard working business owner who had to resort to walking around his job site with a cane. His video testimonial is above. What's been fascinating to us is that the results of our unique Regenexx protocol aren't negatively impacted by the severity of the arthritis. This means that bone on bone patients seem to do just as well as those patients with more mild arthritis. The fact that this has remained consistent in our ever expanding clinical registry is great for patients. Jim's knee was "bone on bone" on the inside compartment with arthritis in other areas as well. His MCL ligament was lax and he had a BML-an area of the bone that was swollen on MRI where the bone had small fractures. He also had irritated nerves in his low back that made all of this worse. Dr. Pitts treated his knee in October of 2014 with the Regenexx-SD procedure and put his own stem cells not only into the knee joint but also into the bone lesion (a procedure that's done in only a few places in the U.S. outside our provider network). The results are detailed above by the patient. The upshot? Bone on bone or severe arthritis patients seem to respond just as well to the Regenexx stem cell procedures as those patients with more mild arthritis. Jim's knee was about as severe as they get and he received a special procedure where stem cells were not only precisely placed into the joint but also into an area of the bone that was having trouble holding up to the stresses of daily life. We wish Jim well!  

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