Terrell Owens gets Stem Cell Knee Therapy in Korea?

POSTED ON IN Archive BY Christopher Centeno

terrell owens stem cell Well I guess the good news is that Terrell Owens in now one of a ever growing number of elite athletes flocking to stem cell therapy to reduce downtime and increase the speed of recovery. The strange thing is that he flew to Korea to a get a treatment he could have gotten in the U.S.. As an example, we treated the ACL of NFL player Jarvis Greene with stem cells. Most of the stem cell therapy coming out of this site in Korea is adipose based, which wouldn't be our first choice for treating his ACL as adipose stem cells show much poorer differentiation capabilities to orthopedic tissues such as ligament, bone, and cartilage. In addition, direct placement of stem cells into the ACL would likely make more sense, but this procedure is technically difficult to perform with injection. Given that most Korean sites have either used simple intra-articular injection where the cells aren't placed with any accuracy or IV therapy where the cells wouldn't be expected to the help the knee, it's unclear if the Terrell Owens Stem Cell therapy will help. Having said all of that, we wish T.O the best and hope this helps him get a contract!

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