Thankful for Our Regenexx Patients...

POSTED ON 11/27/2014 IN Archive BY Christopher Centeno

Regenexx patients This has been a great clinic week in Grand Cayman. I'm so thankful that we have such wonderful patients who trust us to help them. I've also loved some of the patient stories this week. Here are some of my favorites. I blogged earlier on JG, a businessman whose ankle we treated awhile back with the Regenexx-C procedure. What I didn't know was that he was told by his fancy Manhattan orthopedic surgeon that this stem cell stuff would never work and to return when it failed. When it worked, he booked a cash visit to see the surgeon, just so he could rub it in a little. When the surgeon asked him if he was now ready for his surgery, he got up on his tippy toes and told him he was only there to show him how wrong he'd been! There's also BB, a patient who has retired young and is traveling the world now. He was treated with the Regenexx-C procedure 6 years ago for a hole in the knee cartilage. He also saw his Manhattan orthopedist at that time. He wanted to perform bilateral high tibial osteotomies, an extremely invasive surgery where a wedge of bone is cut out of the tibia to take pressure off of the inside compartment (where the hole had formed). BB reminisced yesterday as he got his tune-up stem cell injection how his life in retirement would have been vastly different if he would have consented to that big, invasive surgery. Instead, a single injection series gave him 6 years of relief! Finally, there's AG, a young man with a degenerating L5-S1 low back disc. He's been helped by the Regenexx-PL-Disc procedure in that his disc bulge size is dramatically reduced and his multifidus atrophy is significantly better. However. because he's loosing disc height, he would like to get cultured stem cells placed in the disc as he continues to have back pain that's likely discogenic. The upshot? This thanksgiving I'm thankful for our great Regenexx patients. They do their research and check everything else out and come to conclusion that Regenexx has the most substance behind it of anything being offered in orthopedic stem cells. They are a pleasure to treat and it's a real honor that they place their trust in us. Regenexx-C is not approved by the US FDA and is only offered by independently owned and operated facilities outside of the U.S. where culture expansion of autologous cells is allowed under local regulations.

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