The First Annual Interventional Orthopedics Foundation Conference!

POSTED ON 10/24/2015 IN Archive BY Christopher Centeno

First Annual Interventional Orthopedics Conference Yesterday, was truly a historic day! It was the First Annual Interventional Orthopedics Foundation Conference. Doctors from all over the country gathered to brainstorm how to move the field of Interventional Orthopedics forward and make it available to as many people as possible.  Interventional Orthopedics brings new treatment options for bone and joint problems using orthobiologic cell-based treatments which act therapeutically by augmenting and stimulating the body's capacity for self repair. The IOF had a phenomenal turnout of 130 attendees, practicing in all different fields of orthobiologics. It fulfilled it's charitable goal of sponsoring 30 residents, the future of Interventional Orthopedics, (with conference fees, hotel and airfare) to have the opportunity to see the latest research, meet and learn from the best in the country, and have their questions be part of the discussion. In this first educational conference, there was catalytic colleague interaction, the opportunity to learn from each other's success and failures, and to help each other grow key skills. Dr. Centeno opened the conference by putting forth an opportunity, a problem to be solved, and a promise. The opportunity is caused by the mounting evidence that traditional orthopedic surgery, which has dominated musculoskeletal care for decades, is broken. The problem to be solved is the haphazard explosion of untrained, inexperienced and unknowledgeable doctors offering stem cell and biologic treatment to the public, and finally the promise is that regenerative medicine is the game changer that will change the lives of our patients for the better. Chris Centeno, MD; John Kisiday, PhD; Victor Ibrahim, MD; Dave Karli, MD; Greg Lutz, MD; Mitchel Sheinkop, MD; Tim Davis, MD; Jay Bowen, DO; and Jaewoo Pak, MD (all the way from South Korea), made for a great slate of speakers. Above is a panorama of the room, which was the only way to get all of the attendees in one shot! What was very, very different about this conference was that it was a non-commercial, non-profit affair! The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation  has groundbreaking initiatives for the public, like their Wounded Warrior Program, educational opportunities, and many ways you can be involved in this commitment to the future of better medicine. What's next? The cadaver bone marrow aspiration course was this morning at the new IOF offices which used the Centeno-Schultz clinic procedure rooms for fluoroscopy and ultrasound. That course will be repeated for more doctors in February and then planning for next's year's conference will begin!

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