The Integrity of Prospectively Grading Patients

POSTED ON 6/8/2009 IN Archive BY Christopher Centeno

While I've blogged on this topic before, a recent e-mail from a patient who was turned down by our office as a "GOOD" candidate for the Regenexx-C procedure makes me want to add another chapter.  Again, we look at all of the data in advance of seeing the patient and do discourage patients from coming if we think we can't help.  I think the e-mail from the patient says it all:

Dear Jen:

Thank you very much for your assistance.  Please pass on my comments and questions to Dr. Schultz.

I was afraid that I would not be considered a good candidate.  However, I must say that I am extremely impressed by the integrity of the evaluation and that you would essentially recommend against the likelihood of success as contrasted with simply selling a procedure.  At this point, having now attempted to deal with this through conservative, non-invasive methods for 18 months without success, I am not overly interested in another approach that does not have a fairly high probability of success.  So, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your integrity.

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