AVN Talus Stem Cell Treatment

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avn talus stem cell treatment

Can an ankle talus bone with avascular necrosis (also known as osteonecrosis) be treated with stem cells without surgery?  What would be involved in an AVN talus stem cell treatment?  We have treated AVN of the hip since 2006 with stem cell injections directly into the bone. It's actually a procedure that's been performed since the 1990's, by pioneers Hernigou and Gangji. We see the same results they have published, that patient's with lower grade ARCO grade 1 and 2 lesions do the best. We've also successfully treated other areas such as shoulders and knees. Smaller bones like the talus have always proved a tougher challenge, but we can also treat these. Above is a fluoroscopy image of Dr. Schultz accurately placing a small trocar (tough needle) into the talus (Regenexx-C procedure). Why is this important? Placing stem cells through a needle means the patient can avoid a big open surgery and have a much lower risk procedure with much less recovery time. The upshot? We're 100% committed to furthering the development of Interventional Orthopedics, which means moving procedures that once could only be accomplished through more invasive surgery to being performed with less invasiveness through a needle.

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