Dr. Hanson Speaking on Stem Cells at National Foot/Ankle Surgery Course

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Dr. Hanson will be speaking in Washington, D.C, presenting pre-publication data on the use of stem cell injections for ankle injuries such as osteochondral defects with and without chronic ligament laxity at the Tornier National Foot/Ankle Forum on June 17th and 18th. He will be presenting the data with orthopedic surgeon, Mitch Sheinkop, M.D. from Chicago. While we haven't treated as many ankles as we have knees, we have treated about 50 cases between Regenexx-C, Regenexx-SD, and Regenexx-SCP/PRP procedures. Here are some interesting images from various ankle stem cell injection cases, including ankle AVN and a case report of the Regenexx-SCP procedure used to treat a split ankle tendon. Here's the case of a patient with severe ankle arthritis who was looking at a fusion and reported success with a Regenexx-SD ankle stem cell injection procedure. Here's an interesting patient where we were able to help remove an ankle bone spur with a needle rather than surgery. Finally, here's the MRI case study of a local news woman with a hole in the ankle joint cartilage who did well with a Regenexx-C stem cell injection procedure.

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