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To continue the "real world" patient follow-ups, today's topic is Larry.  About 6 years ago Larry fell down the stairs and injured his thumb.  Last summer his thumb pain had gotten so bad that it took him 15 minutes to button a shirt.  He went to a hand surgeon.  He was actually on the table and already scrubbed when he asked the surgeon about the recovery time.  He learned that he would be in casts and thumb splints for 6-12 weeks and decided to literally walk out of the OR.  He then began searching for alternatives and didn't find many.  He saw that he could pursue a CMC joint replacement, a tendon transfer surgery, or steroid shots.  None of that worked for him.  He then literally stumbled across our site.  Rather than surgically implanting a new joint or placing a coiled up tendon in the joint to try and replace cartilage with tendon, we injected his own mesenchymal stem cells into the joint under fluoroscopic guidance in our Regenexx hand stem cell procedure. Dr. Schultz performed the procedure.  I think it's best for him to tell you first hand how it went: This patient was treated with the Regenexx-C (cultured stem cell injections).

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