Common Causes of Chronic Hip Pain Infographic

POSTED ON 9/8/2012 IN Hip BY Christopher Centeno

chronic hip pain infographic

I've blogged before that many patients with chronic pain in the hip don't have pain coming from the hip joint, but elsewhere. For example, hip pain can be caused by irritated nerves in the low back, an SI joint problem, muscle trigger points, or arthritis in the hip. The concern is that after seeing something on a hip MRI and before confirming that the hip is causing pain, we often see surgeons rushing to hip surgery. As a result, we see patients after hip surgeries who still have pain because the pain was never coming from their hip joint, but somewhere else. To clarify the issue, I built "Common Causes of Chronic Hip Pain", an infographic to show all of the various causes of chronic hip pain. Here's the link to the PDF...

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