Hip Arthritis 2 Year Stem Cell Results Update

POSTED ON 7/29/2010 IN Hip BY Christopher Centeno

CM is a 50 year old woman who was treated 2 years ago for moderate hip arthritis with an injection of her own cultured stem cells.  The patient at that point had bone cysts, but good cartilage remaining.  Two years later she reports good relief for the past 24 months with the hip feeling much more fluid.  At this point, her hip is just beginning to feel less fluid with more stiffness, so she would like an updated injection.  She was very good at growing stem cells in culture (some patients aren't as prolific a cell grower as CM), so she has cells in cryo preservation ("on ice") which can be used for this next injection (without having to draw more cells and re-culture).  CM brings up an important point in our hip data.  First, hip patients tend to have less relief on average than knee arthritis patients.  This will be part of an upcoming publication, but we believe this may be caused by technical issues with getting stem cells to attach to the right areas of the hip when cells are placed through injection.  CM had great range of motion when she was injected (often not the case with hip arthritis patients) and as a result, we got excellent placement of cells.  The second observation in our data is that hip patients have less duration of effect than knee patients.  This is likely due to the reasons above.  Finally, since we only have 3-4 year follow-up data on a reasonable number of patients, any or all of our patients may need re-injections at some point in the future as a stem cell "booster shot". This patient was treated with the Regenexx-C (cultured stem cell injections).

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