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Hip AVN stem cell treatment has been science fiction for many patients but we here at the Centeno-Schultz clinic have been pioneering this advanced procedure for years. RA is a patient that has benefited from an injection of his own stem cells which helped him to dodge the hip replacement bullet. He is now 58 years old seen and was first seen by us in April of 2009. In 2003 he had a fall on his hip while playing volleyball and was eventually diagnosed with avascular necrosis of the hip. By the time he was seen in our clinic he was an ARCO grade III with a large area of osteonecrosis in the head of the femur and flattening of the femoral head. He was only a fair candidate for being able to avoid a hip replacement with a stem cell injection due to this advanced grade of osteonecrosis (grade III means that the femoral head had begun to collapse). The patient had tried various treatments before being evaluated by our clinic and these had included chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and arthritis medication. Being an otherwise active man in his late fifties, he wasn't thrilled about the prospect of undergoing a hip replacement. As a result we agreed to place his own cultured stem cells (Regenexx-C procedure) into the femoral bone lesion under x-ray guidance. Note that rather than an injection of the cells in his joint (an easier injection) our advanced AVN procedure involved placing a needle into the bone lesion to deliver the stem cells. Now 2 1/2 years out from his procedure, he reports that he's 70% improved and has yet to pull the trigger on a hip replacement. Even just delaying hip replacement by just a few years in these AVN patients (possibly longer term) may mean the difference between needing just one hip replacement versus needing to replace the worn-out prosthesis with a later and much more invasive second surgery. In addition, research has already shown that less advanced stem cell injection procedures can delay the need for a hip replacement as much as ten years. While we generally have more success with ARCO grade I and II osteonecrosis patients, we're happy to hear this success story from a more severe grade III patient! NOTE:  Regenexx-C is a medical procedure and like all medical procedures it has a success and failure rate.  Not all Regenexx-C patients can expect the same results. The Regenexx-C procedure licensed by RegenexxCayman is not approved by the U.S. FDA for use in the United States.  RegenexxCayman is an independently owned and operated medical services provider operating exclusively in the Cayman Islands and is not part of or affiliated with the Centeno-Schultz Clinic or any U.S. Regenexx Network provider.  

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