Hip Replacement Risks Include Disrupting Hip and Knee Alignment

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Hip Replacement Risks

Understandably unaware of Hip Replacement Risks, most people think that getting their hip replaced is like replacing a bad part in their car. They pull into the shop and the surgeon disconnects the old hip, removes it, and then screws in a shiny new one. Problem solved. However, comparing a bad hip to a bad car part is a bit like comparing apples to onions; it just doesn't work. Repairing a bad part in a car involves replacing a machine part that's old with an identical new one. The machine parts used in a "new hip" aren't identical to the original equipment; hence,  a hip replacement may disrupt hip and knee alignment. Why? Machine parts simply don't belong in a hip. Now we have yet another study that confirms that hip replacement likely destroys the natural precise alignment of your hip.

Hip Replacement Changes the Biomechanics of the Leg…

This new study looked at changes in alignment of both the hip and knee following hip replacement.  The study included scientific measurements during walking of 163 (151 with osteoarthritis, 12 without) hip replacement patients. Researchers measured changes from pre- to postoperative physical changes (e.g., leg length), function (how the knee and hip moved), and images. The results showed that the tracking of the knee cap was altered following hip replacement, possibly leading to a higher risk of arthritis in the knee. This impacted how the patient walked and functioned in daily activities, possibly leading to longer term issues in the back and ankle as well.

Don't Forget These Hip Replacement Risks and Side Effects

If the new study showing hip replacement disrupts hip and knee alignment isn't enough to dissuade you, don't forget the numerous hip replacement risks, side effects and complications we've blogged about many times, most recently earlier this month:

The upshot? While out with the old, in with the new may be a poignant idiom to live by when dealing with bad parts in your car, in most cases it doesn't translate well to your bad hips. With so many studies showing numerous hip replacement risks, side effects and complications, and now this newest study showing hip replacement disrupts hip and knee alignment, it may be time to consider treasuring and nurturing the old with a nonsurgical alternative using your own stem cells. Newer isn't always better!

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