How to Read Your Own Hip MRI Video!

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An empowered patient gets better quicker-that's what I've observed over the years. One of the biggest medical "black holes" for patients is their MRI. They have a report that might as well be written in Greek and they have an MRI CD whose images look like a cross between their body and the surface of the moon! It's also often weeks before they can get back in to see the doctor. To try and shed some light on this medical imaging mystery, I've created a series of videos on how to read your own MRIs. I have several for knee, one for the shoulder, and now this one entitled, "How to Read Your Own Hip MRI". The goal here is to help patients understand what's on the CD so that they can see with their own eyes what might be wrong. So if you have hip arthritis or a labral tear, I hope this video helps reduce the stress of what those images actually show!

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