10 Month Follow-up on Knee Stem Cell Injections

POSTED ON 3/12/2012 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

knee stem cell injections

TG is an extremely active 42 year old female with an 8 year history of bilateral knee pain when she was first evaluated in May of 2011. She had tried and failed acupuncture, supplements, physical therapy, and Euflexxa injections. She had also tried and failed knee lateral release surgeries. She was diagnosed with knee ACL instability, chondromalacia patallae, and a history of low back issues. In May of 2011 she had a Regenexx-SD knee stem cell injections on one knee, here is her report:

"Before the Regenexx injection, I had extreme difficulty standing and walking on cement for any length of time, plus I experienced a great deal of pain on a daily basis. I did have a lateral release surgery before coming to see you, but I wish today I had never done it as I whole heartedly believe the Regenexx procedure would have reversed the damage all on it own.

I navigate ships for a living and therefore, deal a lot with vibration and steal decks, both of which stimulate my knee pain. I was afraid until now I would have had to give up my career because of the damage to my knees. I am too young, ambitious and playful to be stopped by bad knees.

Within only a couple of weeks following the Regenexx injection to my right knee, I could tell I was experiencing significant improvement. I had only one knee injected, so the comparison was obvious."

We wish TG many more days on the sea! She will be coming back to get the other side treated as well...

Regnenexx -SD is a medical procedure and like all medical procedures has a success and failure rate.  

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