2 Month Regenexx-SD Knee Follow-up on a Hunter

POSTED ON 12/2/2010 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

DC is a 50 year old white male who came to us in July with severe knee pain due to loss of cartilage in his medial (inside) knee and a very small and displaced medial meniscus. He was treated two months ago with the Regenexx-SD procedure (same day injection of his own bone marrow derived stem cells under x-ray guidance specifically onto the area of lost cartilage). The patient today reports 1-2/10 pain and at first vist pain was 7/10. Before he was unable to walk even 1-2 miles (he told me today if he attempted that they'd have to drive the car to "pick him up off the ground"), today he can walk 1-2 miles easily. The patient also reports that now he can go hunting with his friends, something he was unable to do before. He also reports that before the treatment his pain was constant, now it's more intermittent and less. DC's only option (other than injecting his own stem cells into the joint) was to get a knee replacement. He will need a second treatment which he has scheduled.

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