2 Years after Knee Stem Cell Injections and Still Running

POSTED ON 12/19/2012 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

knee stem cell injections

Can knee stem cell injections keep a 65 year old running? Likely not every 65 yo old man, but MB is a 65 yo man who was first seen by our clinic in 2010 by Dr. Hanson. He reported knee pain that had been worsening for 1-2 years and at that time was a 5/10. He also had low back pain that radiated down that same leg. His MRI showed a posterior medial meniscus tear and signal changes in the ACL indicative of mild laxity. He ultimately underwent one Regenexx-SD stem cell procedure, an AD procedure to buttress the torn medial meniscus, and SCP procedures for the knee ACL laxity. He did much better after his second stem cell procedure. What's his 2 year follow-up like?  While not everyone's results will be the same, this is an e-mail he recently sent Dr. Hanson:

"Subject: 2 Yr Followup

Dr Hanson,                   

I sent in your survey results already. I just have a few questions. First of all I am feeling fine. I have no problems with my knee at all. I do everything I want and more except run. I was always getting running injuries like a pulled hamstring or something which always resulted in some period of recovery and now I have had the longest period of no problems in years, so even though I loved running I can do everything else and have gotten in real good shape (I lost 15 lbs). So running has been put on the back burner. I do stay away from any exercise that might re injure my knee like squats etc. also. I can run and have done an easy mile or so with no problem but the next day I would occasionally feel a slight twinge (which was probably nothing) and for now its good enough to know I can run for a bus without thinking..."

NOTE:  Any case reports or patient results presented on this website are not indicative of all patient results.  Like any medical procedure, all Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate.

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