A "Fly Through" Of a Knee MRI: The Amazingly Complex Knee!

POSTED ON 5/8/2014 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

This week I sat down to review a patient's knee MRI. The MRI itself was unusual as there were many more slices through the knee in all three planes (Side, Front, and Top Down). In fact, the MRI was in 1 mm slices, far thinner cuts than 99% of the studies I see. The image must have taken 2-3 times as long to acquire and as such is usually used for research. As I began to move through the Sagittal (side view), the key stuck and the MRI reading software began to fly through the image. It was a really neat effect made all the better because of the extra thin slices. I thought to myself, this would be a great way to show patients how an MRI of the knee (or any other body part), slices through a 3-D structure. After you spend years looking at thousands of MRIs, you develop an ability to see things in 3-D, yet for patients this is often difficult. So I recorded this special "fly-thru" of a knee MRI for your viewing pleasure. At the very least, you can get a sense of how your doctor sees the knee when he or she moves through the image and also perhaps a better sense of the wonderful and complex machinery of the knee!

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