Almost 2 Year Follow-up on Knee Stem Cells for a Physician with Knee Arthritis

POSTED ON 11/15/2013 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

knee stem cells

I've blogged before on AL's knee arthritis and his experience with knee stem cells. To review, in medical school he had his medial knee meniscus totally removed on both sides and now has severe arthritis and ACL tears. He was told he was a knee replacement candidate, but being a physician, he also knew this likely meant that his active Colorado lifestyle would be severely impacted. He underwent knee stem cell injections on the right in December of 2011 and on the left in February of 2012. He's now 64 years old and reports 90% improvement on the right and 100% on the left. On the right side, he still gets a few twinges of sharp pain a month that last a few seconds. He's getting an update treatment today on the right with a second SD therapy and he still has a slight bit of ACL laxity there (we have treated both of his ACLs as well as his arthritis with stem cells). On the left, based on exam, his is ACL is functioning 100%. Of note, he says that he noticed the maximum results for both knees at about 3 months after the knee stem cell injections. The upshot? Now that we're getting more long-term data on many patients, I'm purposefully blogging less and less on individual patients. However, I'll continue to highlight the interesting successes or failures. AL has had great success with stem cells, helping him stay away from knee replacements!

Regenexx-SD is a medical procedure and like all medical procedures has a success and failure rate.  Not all patients will necessarily experience the same results.

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