Another Torn Knee Meniscus Helped by Stem Cells

POSTED ON 12/26/2012 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

torn knee meniscus stem cell

Another torn knee meniscus stem cell treatment success!  Leslie was first seen by our clinic in March of 2011. I'll let her tell for own story below, but she was treated at that time with the Regenexx-AD stem cell procedure with a highly accurate injection of her own stem cells under ultrasound guidance directly into the knee meniscus tears as well as buttressing the displaced meniscus with a stem cell containing fat graft.  She had a second knee stem cell procedure in June of 2011. Her story below:

How the Centeno Schultz Clinic and Dr Ron Hanson Have helped me get Back to Teaching and Presenting in the Fitness Industry

By Leslee Bender Creator of the Bender method and Bender Ball

Approximately 2 years ago I tore my meniscus in my left knee due to 25 years of overuse training and lack of knowledge of what can happen with high intensity exercise. I sought out a method of healing that would be more permanent than surgery. I discovered Dr Hanson from research on the web and how high the recommendation was! The healing process was not easy as I have very degenerative knees however the results are amazing! My range of motion is nearly what it was years ago and above all the strength has returned.

My job is demanding as I am on feet teaching or on an airplane to the next conference which again takes its toll. However the pain is gone. If you are willing to take the time to go through the process I recommend it whole heartedly as your body is a magnificent machine and will heal when you treat it correctly with the right therapy and diet! Physical therapy is a must to train the muscles and nerves to work correctly  so you can do what you love in life! I will keep the process so that I have healthy joints for the rest of my life! And, being athletic it is who I am so water and snow skiing has been experienced!

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