Blogging from Regenexx Caymans again...

POSTED ON 9/21/2012 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

blogging from the caymans It's my turn down here at Regenexx Caymans again and I just visited with two patients from my last trip who were doing great. DW is a middle aged man with degenerative arthritis whose knee had grown weak due to chronic pain. He had also lost range of motion, as he's heavily involved in yoga. He had to actually stop that activity because of the knee. He's 3 months out now from his first Regenexx-C stem cell injection and doing great with his main knee joint pain having dissipated. He feels like he has a spot under the knee cap that could use a second treatment and also has other areas to be addressed.  Because he has less knee pain, he's been able to strengthen the weak muscles and he was also able to increase his knee flexibility. I gave him the go ahead to go back to yoga (which his wife will love because she's a yoga instructor). The second gentleman is elderly and had to quit ball room dancing due to severe lateral patellofemoral pain. He's also 3 months out from his first Regenexx-C stem cell injection. His effects took a bit longer to build, but he's now back to ball room dancing and back for a second shot to see if he can get even more improvement. Blogging may fall off as I get on "island time"...

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