Computer Aided Knee Replacement Surgery: Does it Make a Difference?

POSTED ON 1/17/2011 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

computer aided knee replacement surgery

Interesting study out last month that compared patients who received the new computer aided mini-knee replacement (partial knee replacement) versus those who had traditional surgeon placement of the knee replacement.While the computer aided surgery knees had better alignment, there was no difference in how long the knee replacement lasted and clinical outcome (how the patient's felt after the knee replacement). This was surprising, as we see advertisements on every available bus in town for this new computer aided partial knee replacement surgery touting it's benefits. The reality may be that aligning a knee replacement prosthesis a little better doesn't change how long that metal knee will last or how the patient perceives the results from knee replacement surgery. What I do know is that these computer  systems for computer aided knee replacement surgery cost more and if they don't lead to measurably better outcomes, then it's likely money not well spent.

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