Cost May Be One Reason to Look for A Knee Replacement Alternative

POSTED ON 5/7/2014 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

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How much does a knee replacement cost? I don't usually quote financial sites on this blog, but this one just did such a great job of putting the outrageous costs of knee or hip replacement in perspective, I couldn't resist. At more than 50K, cost many be one reason to look for a knee replacement alternative. The writer looked at the average cost of a knee or hip replacement and compared that whopper $50,105 cost to the average income in all 50 states. She also adjusted that mean cost of the surgery by state. 18 US states had knee or hip replacement costs that exceeded their average annual income. Perhaps more disturbing is that 7 in 10 Americans don't have enough saved to cover the cost in retirement. Even if the surgery is covered by a solvent Medicare program, the 20% out of pocket costs would completely or substantially drain the life savings of 60% of Americans. Is it time for less a invasive knee replacement alternative? In which states does the cost of the procedure exceed income? Is yours on the list? 1. Alabama 2. Arizona 3. California 4. Colorado-This is us! Yikes! 5. Florida 6. Georgia 7. Indiana 8. Louisiana 9. Mississippi 10. Missouri 11. Nevada 12. New Jersey 13. New Mexico 14. Oklahoma 15. Pennsylvania 16. South Carolina 17. Tennessee 18. Texas The upshot? Hip replacement and knee replacement cost is a whole lot more than a hip and knee replacement alternative like platelet and stem cell injections!

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