Eight Weeks Out and Still No Improvement?

POSTED ON 9/2/2012 IN Knee BY Christopher Centeno

Regenexx transparent reporting

We feel Regenexx transparent reporting is incredibly important , so it's only right that after all the great testimonials and wonderful data infographics, that we highlight someone where the procedure hasn't worked thus far. JB is a 17 year old WM who came to us in early July who had reported being much worse after surgical debridement of a meniscus tear. His new MRI showed a recurrent meniscus tear, which makes sense given the added pressure on the meniscus after parts of it are surgically removed. After reviewing his info, he was quoted a 70% chance of success, which means a 7 in 10 chance we could help and a 3 in 10 chance the procedure would fail. He underwent the Regenexx-SD procedure 2 months ago with injection into the meniscus tear and reports no improvement and still has some minor symptoms from the injection. I have told him we'll give it to 12 weeks before we decide if he needs another procedure or whether this approach will help.  Make sure that wherever you seek treatment, that they are as willing to tell you about treatment failures, as they are about treatment successes.

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